Schilcher (wine)

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Schilcher is a wine produced solely in the Austrian region of Western Styria (Weststeiermark),[1] in the districts of Deutschlandsberg and Voitsberg, sharing a border with Slovenia and Carinthia to the south and west. The Schilcher wine itself is a distinct rosé made from the indigenous Blauer Wildbacher grape. The colour ranges from a light onion tinge to a deep ruby. The grape was once a wild variety which was said to contain alcohol compounds which, in turn, allegedly would induce wild inebriation, hence its colloquial name Rabiatperle - rabid pearl. The name Schilcher originates from the Middle High German word schillern meaning to radiate with colour.

Wine style[edit]

Wine from the Schilcher grape is also used for blending and for the production of sparkling wine. The wine has a strong acidity and is renowned for its exclusive aroma, often associated with strawberries. It should be drunk relatively young at a temperature of 9 to 11 °C accompanied with traditional Austrian cold cured meats. Authentic Schilcher wine must carry the official emblem of the white horse (referring to the Lipizzans bred in Piber for the world-famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna) and also carry the official certification number of denomination.


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