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Blurb Reason
Freedom Day in South Africa (1994); refimprove
Independence Day in Sierra Leone (1961) and Togo (1960) Togo: multiple issues: Sierra Leone: needs more footnotes, outdated
1296 – In the first battle of the First War of Scottish Independence, the English defeated the Scots near Dunbar, Scotland. refimprove
1565Conquistador Miguel López de Legazpi and 500 armed soldiers established the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines, Cebu. López: refimprove; Cebu: refimprove section
1667John Milton, blind and impoverished, sold the copyright of Paradise Lost for £10. refimprove section
1805First Barbary War: U.S. Marines engaged forces of the Barbary Coast at the Battle of Derna in Tripoli, marking the first recorded land battle by the United States on foreign soil. refimprove section
1865 – An explosion (depicted) destroyed the steamboat Sultana on the Mississippi River, killing an estimated 1,700 of her 2,400 passengers. close paraphrasing section, unreliable sources (SPS and other questionable issues)
1906 – The State Duma of the Russian Empire met for the first time. refimprove section
1911 – Following the resignation of William P. Frye, a compromise was reached in the United States Senate to rotate the office of the President pro tempore of the United States Senate. date not mentioned or referenced, and apparently 27 April is the date of the resignation of Frye, not the compromise which was four months later
1909 – After the government was restored following the 31 March Incident and the Adana massacre, Abdul Hamid II, the last Sultan of the Ottoman Empire to rule with absolute power, was overthrown by Mehmed V. Abdul Hamid II: appears on August 31; Mehmed V: refimprove
1992Betty Boothroyd became the first female Speaker of the British House of Commons. date not cited
1993 – Thirty people died, including players and staff of the Zambia football team and the crew, in a plane crash en route to play a World Cup qualifying match against Senegal. accuracy disputed
1994Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress won a landslide victory in the first non-racial elections in the history of South Africa. expansion
2011 – During the most active day of the 2011 Super Outbreak 218 tornadoes killed 317 people across 16 U.S. states. missing information



April 27: Koningsdag in the Netherlands

Raising the Flag on the Three-Country Cairn
Raising the Flag on the Three-Country Cairn
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